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Our process starts with a free top to bottom property inspection, including the main property, any additional structures, fencing, and personal property. If we determine that the policyholder has a good claim, we start by being present when the insurance adjuster does his initial inspection, including handling the supplement process, if needed. Once the initial scope of work (estimate) is received by the client, we analyze the scope from the insurance company against our original inspection to determine if any damages have been overlooked.  Unfortunately, almost every project we do has something that was overlooked.  Sometimes small, sometimes big, either way, we make sure that all damages are paid for by the policyholder's insurance company.


Once the policyholder and our team are satisfied with the payment on the claim, we then and only then, start the construction including roof, gutters, windows, screens, fencing, and any other damages.  The policyholder does not have to worry about any coordination of subcontractors.  They have one point of contact and their senior project manager coordinates execute and keep the policyholder informed every step of the way.  Once the project is complete, and the property restored to a pre-damaged condition, we walk the property with the policyholder for a final inspection and make sure everything is how it’s supposed to be and that the policyholder is 100% satisfied.

We do not make a final payment until that is accomplished.

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